Properties and Associations

In Brief

Fidelity, purity, dreams, realization of potential, peace, resourcefulness, accomplishment. Wisdom, luck


Archangel connection

Raphael and Raziel


Wedding Anniversary



Traditional : No Association
Modern : No Association
Star Sign : No Association


Qualities and Healing
  • Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity it signifies wisdom that is gathered in tranquillity.
  • Jade is a stone associated with the heart chakra and increases love and nurturing. it is beneficial effect on all the heart physical and emotionally, it can attract and enhance love of all kinds.
  • It is a protective stone, which will help keep us from harm and brings harmony into your life.
  • It is a stone of faithfulness and generosity, it brings good luck and friendship, Jade is very helpful as a stone of abundance.
  • This stone stabilises the personality and integrates the mind with the body giving balance and stability. releases unhelpful emotions such as irritation and 
  • promotes self-sufficiency, encourages you to become who you really are, releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind.
  • It stimulates ideas and helps with tasks seem complex less so they are seen as achievable.
  • Jade is a dream stone. If placed on the forehead, jade will bring insightful dreams.
  • Physically helpful for healing for lung problems, kidney problems, immune system weakness, PTSD, and nervous system overwork. Jade is also energized by its colour, and relates to those.
  • Jade is a cleansing stone helping the bodies filtration and elimination organs. It is the stone for the kidneys.