Larvikite: Also named as Black moon stone and Black labradorite.

Properties and Associations

In Brief

Wisdom, youthfulness, protection, knowledge and learning, inner vision, grounding, connection to nature/elementals.


Archangel connection



Wedding Anniversary

No Association


Traditional : No Association
Modern : No Association
Star Sign : No Association


Qualities and Healing
  • Larvikite repels negative energy is very protective it can be used to grounds us, as it has a strong bond with Earths energies this makes it excellent stone to use to connect to the spirits of Nature /Elemental realm.
  • Larvikite is an brilliant stone to help us in numerous psychic areas such as  inner vision, visions of past life’s, and helps us to connect and view life through our higher self. it does this by stimulating and boosting our psychic abilities.  This can help us to have an understanding of our current life.
  • Its helps us adaptable to situations and achieve goals we have set. Also, when issues have occurred that requires us to let go, it helps us to reach closure.
  • Mentally It can help with learning disabilities. Help us to understand new information and comprehend complex facts so we can make rational decisions, that are not based upon our feelings or over whelmed emotions.
  • Physically it can be used to help with skin disorders it is said to be a stone of vitality and youthfulness also helping our brain maintenance and healing, such as the recovery of strokes and helps brain function, reduces blood pressure. Aids in cleansing and purifying body tissue, balances the metabolism.