Properties and Associations

In Brief

Hope, stress reduction, birth, peace, calm, spirituality, physical strength, luck, protection, emotional balance.


Archangel connection

Raguel and Raphael


Wedding Anniversary

No Association


Traditional : No Association
Modern : No Association
Star Sign : No Association


Qualities and Healing
  • Lepidolite brings gentle balance, distressing and calm. Is used to reduce and relieve depression, anxiety and stress. It’s a transforming stone It helps us to trust and acceptance. Brings us optimism when things seem hopeless. Lepidolite It stops obsessive thoughts and helps insomnia
  • Lepidolite dissipates negativity it releases and reorganises old psychological and behavioural patterns are not good for you and inspires you to become independence and independently achieving your goals.
  • When worn the stone helps to stabilise mood swings and bipolar disorders. It is helpful in overcoming any kind of emotional or mental dependency by helping release and recover from addictions of all kinds, including dieting disorders.
  • Is excellent for electromagnetic pollution when placed on computers as it absorbs the emanations.
  • Lepidolite decreases stress, anxiety, depression, eases allergies, strengthens the immune system, restructures DNA, healing for glands, immune system, skin, nails, hair, DNA, enzyme balance,.
  • It relieves exhaustion, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. Lepidolite numbs sciatica, neuralgia and overcomes joint problems. It detoxifies the skin and connective tissue, helps pregnancy and childbirth also it is excellent for menopause symptoms especially as crystal water.